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Air Leakage and Duct Leakage Testing in Denver CO

Air leakage and duct leakage testing requirements have been in the IECC, or International Energy Conservation Code, for several years.  We’ll get your testing done on time and get you the reports you meet that requirement for your certificate of occupancy.

Contractor Training

The latest International Energy Conservation Codes include tough air leakage targets.  Are your buildings ready to achieve them?  We offer contractor training to get your subs on track to deliver consistent quality workmanship. Our frame-stage and insulation-stage walks are invaluable to contractors and builders alike.  In these brief sessions at your site, your crews will learn the importance of using the IECC air sealing checklist and how to properly address common issues with air sealing these areas.  Your subcontractors will also become more aware of their important roles in building performance so your projects can finish on time and without change orders.

Insulation Inspections and HERS Ratings  in Denver CO

We also offer HERS ratings, RESNET ratings, and insulation inspection services for IECC/IRC/IBC code compliance.  Some municipalities will also allow insulation inspection by a HERS Rater in lieu of a county insulation inspection.  Our services are especially helpful when you need your inspection done with quick turnaround.

Colorado ENERGY STAR(c) Rater Denver

Efficiency Revolution is a proud Colorado ENERGY STAR partner which helps builders to deliver whole-house energy savings to improve comfort and help protect the environment.

Are you interested in having your homes qualified for the ENERGY STAR for New Homes program?  Our experienced HERS raters will guide you through the process from start to finish.  Not sure what’s involved? Give us a call to speak with our staff about the details.  

Another way ENERGY STAR ensures the quality and comfort of homes in their program is to require HVAC contractors who work on ENERGY STAR homes to have certain credentials.  To find out if your contractor is qualified to work on your ENERGY STAR home, click here.

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