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Are you interested in an energy audit in Golden Colorado or nearby areas? You’ve come to the right place.

Here are some benefits of having Efficiency Revolution perform your home energy audit:

  • Save money on your utility bills: We can help you identify and fix air leaks and low insulation levels, which can lead to significant savings on your bills. In fact, the average homeowner can save up to 20%* after making improvements.
  • Improve the comfort of your home: A home energy audit can help you identify and fix comfort problems, such as drafts, hot spots, and cold spots. This can make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to live in.
  • Reduce your environmental impact: An energy audit can help you reduce your home’s carbon footprint. This is important because homes account for about 20% of energy use in the U.S.
  • Learn more about and qualify for rebates and incentives. Utility companies like Xcel Energy, and some cities like Golden offer rebates for insulation, air leak sealing, wall insulation, and other efficiency improvements. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a check from your utility company for a change?
  • Xcel Energy gives Colorado energy audit customers a $200 energy audit rebate** for the infrared + blower door audit. We give you an instant credit so you don’t have to wait for it! We take care of the Xcel Energy audit rebate paperwork. There’s also a 30% federal tax credit!
  • Efficiency Revolution offers expert professional advice from trusted energy auditors with experience in thousands of Colorado homes.

If you’re serious about saving money on your energy bills and improving the comfort of your home, a home energy audit is a must.  Call us today at (303) 868-6653  to learn more or schedule an appointment.

What is not included? The audit does NOT determine whether or not your electric meter is faulty; faulty electric meters are rare. We check for visible evidence of high electricity use appliances and lighting during the energy audit, but we do NOT measure electricity use at the electric panel. We often spot causes of high electricity bills during our energy audit. Installation of electricity monitors may be available for an additional charge.

  • We will inspect the following areas during your energy audit:
  • Air-tightness measurement with a blower door test.
  • An infrared camera inspection enables us to pinpoint air leaks and missing insulation.
  • Combustion safety testing of your heating system and/or water heater. We check for natural gas leaks, which are more common than you might imagine, measure carbon monoxide levels in the exhaust, and determine whether exhaust is spilling into your home.
  • Insulation levels in walls, ceilings, basement and/or crawl space.
  • Window check with a low-e (high efficiency) coating detector.
  • Heating and cooling system.
  • Water heater.
  • Lights.
  • Appliances.
  • You’ll get a report which describes what we find, with infrared pictures and tips on how to make your home more comfortable and efficient. Each house is different, so an energy audit is a great way to find out which improvements make the most sense.

How much does an energy audit cost? After the $200 Xcel energy audit rebate** is applied, $195 to $250 is typical, depending on home size and location. Smaller homes may be less, and large homes a bit more. Add $200 if the home does not use Xcel Energy for the primary heating fuel source, or you’re in a townhome with more than four units in the building, as these homes won’t qualify for rebates. Also, there is a 30% tax credit up to $150. Ask your tax advisor for details.

How long does it take to do an energy audit? An energy audit typically takes two to three hours, but larger than average homes may take longer.

 Call us today at (303) 868-6653  to learn more or schedule an appointment.

*Your results will vary depending on the types of improvements made.  Source: http://www.energystar.gov/ia/home_improvement/HPwES_Utility_Intro_FactSheet.pdf

**Rebate is 60% of the cost, up to $200 for infrared + blower door energy audit, for homes heated with Xcel Energy’s gas service. Homes heated with Xcel Energy’s electricity are eligible for 30% of the cost of an energy audit, up to $160. Rebates are not available for multi-family buildings with more than four units. For example, a townhome or apartment building with 5 units or more in the building does not qualify for rebates.